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Would you guys like to see me post an educational journal on human/animal rights once or twice a month? 

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Educational Journals, Artworks, and Other Links

Educational Journals

:bulletred: Supermeat Can End Animal Suffering
:bulletblack: Why God Tells Us to be Vegan
:bulletred: Human Overpopulation is Real and Why Birth Control is Good
:bulletblack: Homosexuality, Chromosomes, Anti-Vaccers, and Autism

Educational Artworks

:bulletblack: Their Blood is on Your Hands
:bulletred: Starvation, Death, and Disease
:bulletblack: Stealing Milk
:bulletred: Sucking the Milk

More Links

:bulletpurple: Vegan Links
:bulletblue: Vegan Links 2

More links are under each educational artwork and journal. The Stash links have hundreds of "extra" links that can be seen in the comment section or downloadable in a Word document. Best way to navigate through them is to hold down Ctrl + F at the same time and use the search to find key words.

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Homosexuality, transgender, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, bisexual, heterosexual, sex, and chromosomes. Why is "chromosome" in that list? Well, because sexual orientation and your sex is determined by chromosomes.

For the longest time, and sadly some still today, believed that one "chose" their sexual orientation. That everyone was naturally born straight and some simply decided to be gay, transgender, or something else. Thanks to modern science we are proving this myth false. No one "chooses" their sex or sexual orientation. Chromosomes do that in the second trimester of development inside of the womb. In fact, not only do chromosomes decide on these two factors, but the existence of a "gay gene" also exists that makes it more likely for chromosomes to make someone's sexual orientation other than straight. While the gene for being straight is more dominant, it appears that the genes for other sexual orientations (or at least the gene that affects the change on chromosomes) is becoming predominant. This is possibly just due to how genetics have been passed down, or the fact that with more people accepting gays it has allowed these people to be more open and therefore why we may be seeing "more" gays than before.

It is foolish to think that someone would "choose" to be something so hated all due to misinterpretation of the Bible and simple ignorance. Even today gays and transgenders are being stoned to death. , abused, and harassed across the globe. Many in the LGBT community often commit suicide due to the abuse, bullying, or parents who refuse to accept them. It it beyond terrible to imagine how parents could hate a child simply for how they are born. Something I still have a hard time understanding with my own parents. This is just another of MANY reasons to test humans before allowing them to breed.

Sadly, many seem to believe that God is against gays when the exact opposite is true. No where in the Bible does God condemn gays or gay love as being "sinful." The verses often quoted actually condemn the acts of lust as sinful, not being gay. Just as God actually promotes us to live a vegan lifestyle, He also wants us to love everyone despite the way they were born, and to also be responsible parents to our children which includes using birth control. The links below share more information regarding God's love for gays.

Further evidence that being non-straight is natural and acceptable to God is the fact there are over 400 other non-human species who have gay and/or transgender individuals. From lions, baboons, gorillas, dogs, bears, elephants, rhinos, lions, horses, bovines, pigs, cats, whales, lizards, and the list just goes on and on. One of the most popular gay non-human animal couple is of these gay penguins. Humans are animals, and it's clear that all of us don't have the choice for our sexual orientation just as we don't have a choice for our sex or species.

Another animals to talk about are whiptailed lizards. Now, a long time ago male whiptailed lizards possibly existed, but how they died out is unknown. What is known is that all the whiptailed lizards today are female. They reproduce by having lesbian sex, and the one who is bottom ends up laying eggs. The eggs carry clones of her, and the cycle continues. This is different from hermaphrodites, which is the third sex. Hermaphrodites are BOTH male and female or naturally change it without the need of surgery. Worms, slugs, and turbellarias are examples of hermaphrodites who are both male and female their entire life. Clownfish, parrotfish, some types of frogs, and many other animals start as either male or female but then change into another sex later in life. The reasons for the sex change is due to either simply reaching a certain age, lack of a certain sex in the species, or due to extreme circumstances.

Hating LGBT people is just like hating people of color, for they didn't have a choice in their skin pigment. Sexual orientation is part of the brain which we have no control over who it wants us to love. Sex is dealing with the body, thus there are the three: Male, female, and hermaphrodite. Regarding transgenders, that is when the brain belongs to one sex but the body is of another sex. There are slight differences between male and female brains, and again this is nothing someone can "choose." It's connected to genes and chromosomes.

Now, let's talk about how chromosomes and autism are related. The cause of autism is actually due to a chromosome mutating. The cause of the mutation is believed to be linked to a lack of vitamin D. This could be the reason why autism is more prevalent in some cultures than others. In the United States less people are getting enough time outside in the sun, thus lowering their vitamin D. While in cultures that live outdoors more seem to not have autistic members. But the connection between the chromosomes and autism is clear. Simply the cause for the chromosome mutating isn't fully understood.

Sadly, many blame vaccines for causing autism and even cancer. This simply is not the case. Never has there been ANY connection between autism and vaccines, nor vaccines to cancer. The primary cause of cancer is diet. For humans, it's caused by eating animal products (meat, dairy, and eggs). All vaccines do is prevent illnesses. Sometimes, allergic reactions can occur, and over-vaccination is only possibly if you vaccinate monthly. The best way to ensure you don't over-vaccinate yourself, children, or pets is to simply take a Titer test. The Titer test takes some blood and looks for antibodies. This determines if you still have antibodies for certain illnesses. If not, a vaccine can then be administered. The worse thing over-vaccinating does is simply harm the immune system some. It doesn't cause any mental or severe physical damage.

Vaccines have only helped in stopping millions from dying from various illnesses. Not just with humans but other species. Thanks to vaccines we are seeing the complete eradication of terrible diseases such as polio, and in some places rabies. But, due to anti-vaccers measles and other deadly diseases are making a comeback. Ill-informed people who sadly are still allowed to breed are refusing to vaccinate their children and even pets. They then allow their children to go to schools, passing the vaccine rules by claiming it's for "religious purposes," when not a single religion is against vaccines. This allows these children to not only catch deadly diseases but pass them on to other who have not yet gotten a vaccine due to their age or other possible reasons. Even if the child doesn't die from the disease doesn't mean they don't suffer. The disease itself can cripple, blind, or cause other permanent harm to the child depending on what disease it is. And the process of having to life through having it is a nightmare itself.

Some people even go as far as being "faith-healers," which are more people who shouldn't be allowed to ever procreate. these people refuse to see a doctor period. They simply pray, thinking God will heal when it's obvious God gave us doctors for that. Countless children have died, been crippled, or suffered in other unimaginable ways due to this. These people also usually keep their children homeschooled, thus hiding the fact they never take them to a doctor and also not providing proper education.

How did this all start? Well, anti-vaccers first appeared due to dog fighting. When bovines were able to get vaccinated they no longer were getting sick. Before, sick bovines would be giving to men who fought their dogs. They would train the dogs to attack and tear apart the poor bulls, gambling and earning money. But once the bulls no longer were sent to them they grew furious. Lies began to grow, and those who were afraid of science also protested vaccines. Over time the reasons for being against vaccines continuously changed until today where they are being blamed for autism and cancer.

Please, look at the below links and read through everything to learn more. Do NOT comment anything hateful or nasty. This is an educational journal, not somewhere to throw a tantrum. If you have questions or wish to have a mature debate, then you may say something. But refrain from commenting if all you are going to do is throw a tantrum, insult people, say something revolting/rude, or other such child activity. Let us all be adults and discuss, show support, share opinions, and learn. Any vulgar or hateful comments will be hidden. If you must start a fight go somewhere else. My page is not built for entertaining bigots, bullies, trolls, or other hateful people. I am willing to talk to you, but you must also be mature back to me. Thank you.

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The Truth About Leviticus and Homosexuality (video): [link]

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National Geographic Explores Gay Genes (video): [link]

Can You MAke a Straight Guy Gay? (video): [link]

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Lack of Vitamin D During Pregnancy Raises Risk of Autism:…

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Woman Disabled Due to Faith Healing Parents:…

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Why No One, Not Even Christians, Need Faith Healing:…

Faith Healing is a Scam:…

Other Educational Journals: Human Overpopulation is REAL and SeriousHuman overpopulation is a real problem that sadly is ignored all too often. Now thanks to modern medicine and technology we are no longer seeing humans, primarily infants, dying in large enough numbers to keep population at a decent number. When it used to be you had 20 kids and only 3-5 made it to adulthood, that kept things steadier. And of course adults didn't live to long, from 30-50 at average. But now, almost every child lives long enough to procreate, and human life expectancy is longer.
Human population has more than doubled in the last 40 years alone. This large number of humans, over 7.4 billion, is devastating the planet. Earth can only sustain so much life with its limited space. We only have so much land to live on, grow food, and sustain our way of living. And we need to leave enough land for wildlife to also flourish, for without keeping a balanced ecosystem everything will crash.
We are not ready to move to another planet, and having so many kids is helping to add to cl
Why God Tells Us to be VEGAN in the Bible“God blessed them and said to them, “… Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground”. Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food. And it was so.”
— Genesis 1:28-30
God gave us PLANTS to eat and told us to be stewards of the animals. A steward is defined as "an official appointed to supervise arrangements or keep order at a large public event, for example a sporting event." God never told us to be masters or kings of the animals and planet, but to be CARETAKERS of them, just as stewards would oversee and take care of the animals or lands of their king. In this case,
Super Meat Can End Animal SufferingHumans don't need to eat meat. It causes so many illnesses from cancer to cardiovascular disease. It clogs the bowels, leads to earlier deaths in humans, and many other diseases. It causes over 82,000,000,000 lives to be taken every year, 51% of all pollution, deforestation, mass animal extinction, world hunger, and billions and billions of dollars. Humans don't need it, and the practice of obtaining it is to rape, imprison, torture, abuse, and horribly kill animals. Cutting them apart and skinning them while still alive, sometime even boiling them alive. Slaughterhouse workers stomp on the animals, beat them, rape them, and treat them like garbage. 95% of those who harm non-human animals, so many of these factory farm and slaughterhouse workers end up harming their own family members and friends. Communities nearby slaughterhouses and factory farms are ill from the pollution seeping into the ground and rivers.
There is NO good to eating meat.
The world is going vegan, as we can see wi

Educational Artworks: Their Blood is on Your Hands by Ga-Maleven Starvation, Death, and Disease by Ga-Maleven


Ga-Maleven's Profile Picture
Katie Pettus
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Drem yol lok. Greetings.

I am Hispanic, vegan, animal rights activist, asexual, follower of Jesus Christ, and I draw/write creepy, dark, violent, and bloody artwork/stories. I work mostly with anatomy and creature design, hoping to one day be a creature concept artist for the movie and gaming industries. I write stories about dragons and aliens and have already written about 6,000 pages worth of storyline, facts, bios, etc. for my stories. I have also designed 60+ dragons, 50+ mythological creatures, and 200+ aliens for my stories.
Dragons are my true passion, and my fanart usually is of dragons from videogames. I do fanart for The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Halo, and an occasional piece from various videogames or movies.
I also do a little photography and write sad/dark poems and essays about my characters or life.
I work in traditional mediums, and am working on how to use a WACOM tablet, Gimp, and Photoshop.

My Facebook (Send me a PM on here or facebook to let me know who you are so I know to accept a friend request. Or, feel free to follow me as well.) :)

Favorite quote: "Man eats meat thinking he will become as strong as the ox forgetting that the ox eats grass." ~ Pino Caruso
Animal Rights icon by Nightroaming No Meat by peterpez vegan icon by irradella Go Vegan Stamp by AkirasArtWorld vegan icon by irradella No Meat by peterpez Animal Rights icon by Nightroaming

:bulletblack:More about veganism:
:bulletred:More about animal cruelties and rights:
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:bulletred:The best speech you will ever hear:…
:bulletblack:Peaceable Kingdom:…
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:bulletblack:Where Has Humanity Gone?:…
:bulletred:Jesus was vegetarian:…
:bulletblack:World Hunger Caused by Eating Animals:…
:bulletred:Breeding Pets Means Shelters Kill More Pets in the Gas Chamber:…
:bulletblack:Human Overpopulation is Real and Safe Sex is Best Way to Combat it:…
:bulletred:Passages from the Bible about NOT harming or eating animals:
:bulletblack:Where Pet Store Puppies Come From:…
:bulletred:Ear Cropping and Tail Docking is Cruel and Unnecessary:…
:bulletblack:Puppymill Rescue:…
:bulletred:The Truth Behind Shelters:…
:bulletblack:Going Vegan Will Save 8.1 Million Human Lives by 2050:…
:bulletred:Non-Human Animals are Sentient:…
:bulletblack:The Theology of Christian Veganism:…
:bulletred:All Animals Are Sentient:…
:bulletblack:What the Health:

Please go vegan, and feel free to ask me any more questions you have on veganism or animal cruelties and how you can stop it. Or, if you need help going vegan, I am here to help. :)



Trump sics lawyers on little girl because she made a silly game about kitten attacking his hideous mug...…
What's with dA and having so many trolls? They need more staff to help handle them. I apparently became the newest target for this Musa-The-Guardian and her friend Sulfide. They have been attacking me and mocking me on their own pages and when I blocked them they have begun to send their sheeple friends to harass me so I have to block them as well. Apparently, they do this to every well educated person on this site (not to mention they are all Trump supporters...).

DeviantART, if you need more staff I gladly volunteer to help you deal with these trolls. They aren't the first ones I've come across and I know there are many more. Just sign me on up!

And if anyone else is having problems with trolls, best thing to do is just block them. And if they keep making sock-puppet accounts, report to dA and block. Of course, always stay polite so you don't appear to be the "bad-guy," especially if anyone tries to report you as a troll.

I've NEVER used the block button before until recently when these Musa and Sulfide person found me and been sending their mindless minions after me. I'm not intimidated. And if anyone wants to report me, I'm not breaking any rules so dA isn't going to ban me. I'm polite, I don't harass, I don't steal art, I am helpful to other users, and I am a productive member of this site with plenty of people who support me here.

Okay, rant on trolls over. Anyone else wanna rant about the seemingly growing amount of trolls on this site?
I literally submitted "She is fabulous" as my artist's bio for my upper level Writing for Artists college class. Let's see what my professor thinks! :XD:

300-500 words... Bitch, please! I just submitted THREE.
New documentary explains why animal products (meat, dairy, eggs) causes 70% of illnesses in humans and is the leading cause of death. Check it out here:


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