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:bulletred: Supermeat Can End Animal Suffering
:bulletblack: Why God Tells Us to be Vegan
:bulletred: Human Overpopulation is Real and Why Birth Control is Good
:bulletblack: Homosexuality, Chromosomes, Anti-Vaccers, and Autism
:bulletred: Pet Overpopulation, Dog Breeds, AKC, Pitbulls, and Dog Training
:bulletblack: Hunting, Conservation, and Poaching
:bulletred: Human Starvation, Deforestation, Pollution, and Extinction
:bulletblack: Dairy is NOT for Humans
:bulletred: The Harsh Reality of Zoos, Aquariums, and Circuses
:bulletblack:Rodes, Racing, Fighting, and Animal Entertainment
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:bulletblack:TCM, Poaching, Exotic Pet Trade, and Shark Finning
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:bulletred:Abortion, Raising Children, and Sex Education
:bulletblack:Pet Health, Tips, and Helpful Information
:bulletred:Let's Talk Religion
:bulletblack:Small Pet Mills, Pests, and Wildlife Tips
:bulletred: Bestiality, Porn, and Trafficking

Educational Artworks

:bulletblack: Their Blood is on Your Hands
:bulletred: Starvation, Death, and Disease
:bulletblack: Stealing Milk
:bulletred: Sucking the Milk
:bulletblack: We Are Not Yours to Use
:bulletred: Downer Cow Sculpture
:bulletblack: We All Bleed the Same
:bulletred: We Are the Same
:bulletblack: Human Meat
:bulletred: Baby Sandwich
:bulletblack: Hell is Empty and the Devils are Here
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Bestiality, Porn, and Trafficking

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 18, 2018, 11:00 AM
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In this journal I will go over briefly bestiality, the abuse of the porn industry, and trafficking. Now, since this topic is on edge with deviantART's Terms of Service, I will not go into very much detail. I will leave several links, as always, but unfortunately you will either have to note me or do some searching to learn more. I don't want to overstep any boundaries for this website.

Bestiality is when a human has sexual intercourse and/or sexual interactions with an individual of another species. This means that the other animal can have vaginal and/or anal penetration in the human, or vice versa, or sodomize, engage in oral sex, and other sexual interactions on each other. They can be non-consensual of either party or both. Humans may have intercourse with their own pets, stray animals, someone else's pets, wild animals, even wild animals in captivity. Animals - whether domesticated or wild - are caught to live in animal brothels where they are forced to be used by humans and their "owners" paid for the abuse. Animals most used for brothels and bestiality are domesticated canines, horses, donkeys, mules, orangutans, chimps, monkeys, bovines, pigs, and goats. But other species can be used. Sometimes baseball bats and other such things are forced inside of the animals' vaginas and/or anuses.

I won't go into any argument against porn on the basis of masturbation, it being all for profit, etc. If both parties consent and use birth control, it's not a problem. But, the porn industry is so eager to get money it forces the actors to endure painful and often dangerous acts that can lead to serious injuries. From vaginal tears, crushed penises, even broken limbs, actors are pushed harder and harder to bring the most "on edge" porn possible with no regard to their safety. See links below for more detail information.

Some types of fetishes, such as necrophilia, are on the rise, causing a rise in murders and rapes.

Human and animal trafficking for the sex industry is also very high throughout the world. Little girls, women, and men are abducted in large numbers to become sex slaves, or even labor slaves. They are in every country, even America, and some are even in the porn industry. They kidnap whether by breaking in houses, yanking people out their cars, grabbing them when walking alone, or luring them in. Never trust strangers, always have a friend go with you to meet people you do not know, never walk at night, and learn self defense. It could save your life.

Please, look at the below links and read through everything to learn more. Do NOT comment anything hateful or nasty. This is an educational journal, not somewhere to throw a tantrum. If you have questions or wish to have a mature debate, then you may say something. But refrain from commenting if all you are going to do is throw a tantrum, insult people, say something revolting/rude, or other such childish activity. Let us all be adults and discuss, show support, share opinions, and learn. Any vulgar or hateful comments will be hidden. If you must start a fight go somewhere else. My page is not for entertaining bigots, bullies, trolls, or other hateful people. I am willing to talk to you, but you must also be mature back to me. Thank you. And if a link doesn't work let me know so I can see what the problem might be/find another source for the same information/video.

Horse Humper Documentary (video): [link]

Animal Rape and Animal Brothel:…

Zoophilia - Bestiality:…

Animal Most at Risk From Bestiality:…

Germany Moves to Ban Bestiality:…

The Crime of Bestiality:…

20 Koalas Rescued From Animal Brothel:…

Animal Brothels in Denmark:…

10 Ex-Porn Stars Talk About the Abuse:…

The Porn Industry is Abusive:…

Extreme Porn Can Damage People:…

Hardcore Truth on Porn:…

Porn Abuses Women:…

Trafficking in Porn Industry:…

Abuse in Porn Industry Worsens Addicts:…

Former Porn Star Tells Her Story:…

The Rise of Necrophilia:…

The Rise of Extreme Porn (Book):…

Human Trafficking:…

What is Human Trafficking:…

What is Human Trafficking:…

When Sex Trafficking Goes Unnoticed in the USA:…

Sex Trafficking of Americans:…

Traffick Survivors Reclaim Their Lives:…

Human Trafficking:

Human Trafficking Hotline:…

Human Trafficking Investigation (video): [link] Part 2: [link]

Child Trafficking (video): [link]

Human Trafficking Survivor (video): [link]

Human Trafficking is all around You (video): [link]

The Zoophile That Lives Next Door (video): [link]

Other Educational Journals: Super Meat Can End Animal SufferingHumans don't need to eat meat. It causes so many illnesses from cancer to cardiovascular disease. It clogs the bowels, leads to earlier deaths in humans, and many other diseases. It causes over 82,000,000,000 lives to be taken every year, 51% of all pollution, deforestation, mass animal extinction, world hunger, and billions and billions of dollars. Humans don't need it, and the practice of obtaining it is to rape, imprison, torture, abuse, and horribly kill animals. Cutting them apart and skinning them while still alive, sometime even boiling them alive. Slaughterhouse workers stomp on the animals, beat them, rape them, and treat them like garbage. 95% of those who harm non-human animals, so many of these factory farm and slaughterhouse workers end up harming their own family members and friends. Communities nearby slaughterhouses and factory farms are ill from the pollution seeping into the ground and rivers.
There is NO good to eating meat.
The world is going vegan, as we can see wi
Why God Tells Us to be VEGAN in the Bible“God blessed them and said to them, “… Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground”. Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food. And to all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air and all the creatures that move on the ground – everything that has the breath of life in it – I give every green plant for food. And it was so.”
— Genesis 1:28-30
God gave us PLANTS to eat and told us to be stewards of the animals. A steward is defined as "an official appointed to supervise arrangements or keep order at a large public event, for example a sporting event." God never told us to be masters or kings of the animals and planet, but to be CARETAKERS of them, just as stewards would oversee and take care of the animals or lands of their king. In this case,
Human Overpopulation is REAL and SeriousHuman overpopulation is a real problem that sadly is ignored all too often. Now thanks to modern medicine and technology we are no longer seeing humans, primarily infants, dying in large enough numbers to keep population at a decent number. When it used to be you had 20 kids and only 3-5 made it to adulthood, that kept things steadier. And of course adults didn't live to long, from 30-50 at average. But now, almost every child lives long enough to procreate, and human life expectancy is longer.
Human population has more than doubled in the last 40 years alone. This large number of humans, over 7.4 billion, is devastating the planet. Earth can only sustain so much life with its limited space. We only have so much land to live on, grow food, and sustain our way of living. And we need to leave enough land for wildlife to also flourish, for without keeping a balanced ecosystem everything will crash.
We are not ready to move to another planet, and having so many kids is helping to add to cl
Homosexuality, Chromosomes, and Anti-VaccersHomosexuality, transgender, pansexual, asexual, demisexual, bisexual, heterosexual, sex, and chromosomes. Why is "chromosome" in that list? Well, because sexual orientation and your sex is determined by chromosomes.
For the longest time, and sadly some still today, believed that one "chose" their sexual orientation. That everyone was naturally born straight and some simply decided to be gay, transgender, or something else. Thanks to modern science we are proving this myth false. No one "chooses" their sex or sexual orientation. Chromosomes do that in the second trimester of development inside of the womb. In fact, not only do chromosomes decide on these two factors, but the existence of a "gay gene" also exists that makes it more likely for chromosomes to make someone's sexual orientation other than straight. While the gene for being straight is more dominant, it appears that the genes for other sexual orientations (or at least the gene that affects the change on chromosomes) is becomi
Pet Overpopulation, Dog Breeds, AKC, and PitbullsJust as  human overpopulation is real and is a serious issue, pet overpopulation of domesticated animals is also significant. In this journal we will discuss specifically dogs and cats for the other domesticated animals will be addressed in others. Dogs and cats have been domesticated by man originally for the purpose of hunting, dealing with pests, and protection. Over time as technology has improved pets have become family members to us, but to some they are simply there for a statement of wealth, that they "have" to have one to be normal, or as a means of making profit.
Dogs and cats have been bred so much that now there is a serious overpopulation problem. Puppy/kittenmills, backyard breeders, and pedigree breeders have continuously bred and sold cats and dogs despite there already being so many. Add that to the fact of strays who breed and people who simply l
Hunting, Conservation, and PoachingIn this journal I will be discussing hunting, how it doesn't help conservation, and the affects of poaching on wildlife. I won't be discussing the causes of poaching, for that will be in another journal. Humans don't need to eat animals and it harms our bodies, but that will be discussed in detail in another journal.
Hunting of various animals, from deer, bison, wolves, bears, foxes, whales, dolphins, sharks, tigers, lions, rhinos, giraffes, etc. is often done out of the desire of fun and "bragging rights." Modern day hunting is no longer concerned about survival or a need. the act of hunting is actually doing more harm than good. While some species of animals are overpopulated, such as white tailed deer in Northern America, hunting these animals is actually doing the opposite of population control.
While ensuring populations do not get out of control, such as human overpo
Human Starvation, Deforestation, and ExtinctionIn this journal I will be discussing how animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation, pollution, climate change, human starvation, and species extinction. I won't be discussing how humans are herbivorous and simply don't need animal products. That will be explained in upcoming journals.
While human overpopulation is a major factor of pollution, deforestation, and climate change, its effects are still less than that of animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is the use of producing billions of animals for food, clothing, etc. on a mass scale. This includes raising animals for their flesh (meat), mammary secretions (milk), menstrual cycles (eggs), and even clothing (leather, fur, wool, etc.). But why is it so bad?
The primary reason animal agriculture is dev
Dairy is NOT for Humans!Milk: An opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secreted by female mammals for the nourishment of their young.
Milk is produced by all mammalian female animals who have given birth to their young. Depending on the species and how much the offspring is nursing will dictate for how long the mother will lactate and how much she will produce. Enzymes within the baby allows them to break down the milk, helping them get all their nutrients until they are developed enough to consume other food sources. Different species produce different types of milk, which aids in ensuring their baby grows the proper amount at the right pace. Mothers have been found to even produce different types of milk depending on the sex of their offspring. Milk also contains antibodies from the mother that helps to protect the baby by giving them an extra immune system boost (although it is not as strong as vaccines). Milk contains puss, blood, lipids, and other bodily fluids and nutrients from the mother. Nursin
The Harsh Reality of Zoos, Aquariums, and CircusesZoos, aquariums, and circuses have been places of entertainment for humans for many years, but the reality of these places is anything but fun and happy. While these industries try to push the idea that the animals in their care are "happy" and "healthy," the complete opposite is true. Locked in small cages, no mental stimuli, and horrible beatings are routine in these places. And the cruelty leads to painful deaths for the animals as well as the humans who work there.
Zoos have be around since 1826 when Paris opened the first public one. While collections of various species have existed for thousands of years, owned by monarchs across the globe to show their power, the first zoo in Paris sought to keep animals in enclosures for studying. As more and more zoos were created their purpose remained the same: To bring in crowds for money and to keep animals locked away to study. But there are numerous problems with this concept.
While trying to keep animals to study may be useful in some r
Rodeos, Racing, Fighting, and Animal EntertainmentWhile using animals for entertainment in zoos, circuses, and marine parks is cruel and causes many deaths, those are not the only form of animal entertainment that is abusive. Racing animals, fighting them, riding, using them for cruel shows, and even forcing them to perform stunts for movies that end up harming or killing them.  There are so many "sports" that non-human animals are used for so I won't be able to cover ALL of them in this journal. I will cover some of the larger ones, and ask me about a "sport" that you may have heard of and want more answers on. And I already covered dog shows here.
Racing ani
Fur, Leather, and Wearing AnimalsIn today's society we have access to all kinds of clothing, furniture, accessories, and toys. While many are made from plastic and other man-made materials, some are still covered in fur, skin, feathers, and wool from animals. The need for wearing fur has long since passed now since coats and modern technology is able to keep us warm without the real stuff, and with the environmental issues, it's better for the planet to avoid actual animal products.
Fur for coats, toys, scarfs, and other fashion accessories comes from an array of species from wolves, foxes, mink, seals, domesticated dogs, domesticated cats, raccoon dogs, bobcats, coyotes, beavers, muskrats, tigers, lions, bears, chinchillas, and many other animals. These animals are either caught from the wild or raised on fur farms.
Trapping is the primary method used to catch wild animals for fur since it does the least damage to the fur/hide, but that doesn't mean it's human. Traps will snarl around an animal's leg, cutting off blo
TCM, Poaching, Exotic Pet Trade, and Shark FinningWhile I have already discussed how hunting is causing extinction as well as extinction caused by animal agriculture,poaching for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), food, and pets is causing a great toll on wildlife populations. Poaching can be for a single part of an animal's body, their flesh to dine on, or to sell them as pets. Regardless of the end result, the methods of poaching are cruel, destructive, and wiping out entire species.
Traditional Chinese Medicine may have a few herbalistic uses that are actually beneficial and harmless, but some verge on the edge of "black magic" like qualities. Rhino horn, which is made of the same substance as fingernails, is often collected in the belief that it will cure cancer, acne, arthritis, and even be used as an aphrodisiac. Rhinos are being hunted down by the hundreds yearly
The Reality of MeatMeat: The flesh of a person's body.  The parts of an animal's body, primarily muscle, that is often consumed for food. The food source for omnivorous and carnivorous species throughout the globe. But is it actually for humans?
The short answer to that is "no." Humans actually are not meant to consume animal flesh, just as we are not meant to consume dairy or eggs, which I discuss further in other journals. Meat is not meant for humans for several reasons: The first being that humans simply are not physically designed to consume flesh, secondly because of the immense cruelty involved, and thirdly the destruction of the planet. In this journal I will concentrate on just the meat industry and how it abuses animals and the harm meat does to our bodies. Other journals will cover the environmental issues of animal agriculture,
Eggs Simply Are Not For HumansEgg: an oval or round object laid by a female bird, reptile, fish, or invertebrate, usually containing a developing embryo. The eggs of birds are enclosed in a chalky shell, while those of reptiles are in a leathery membrane.
Eggs are found in almost all animals, from the eggs laid by birds, reptiles, fish, and platypus, and the eggs that are not laid by mammals and other animals. Eggs are an integral part of the reproduction cycle and are only found in females and hermaphrodites. Without eggs, most species would not be able to reproduce.
Bird eggs are most often consumed by humans, but some other animals may have their eggs consumed to fish and even reptiles, but for this journal we will concentrate on birds, primarily chickens. Birds, like other animals, lay their eggs after mating and care for them as needed until they hatch. They then raise their young, teach them everything they need to know, and then leave them to live their own lives.
But, sometimes an egg is not fertilized. Whe
Vivisecting and Animal ExperimentationVivisection: the practice of performing operations on live animals for the purpose of experimentation or scientific research
Vivisecting has been around for centuries, but has gotten more widespread and cruel in the last couple of centuries. With the progression into modern science, medicine, and experimentation, the need to learn new things in order to ever progress is important. But at what cost must these experiments must be performed and are they actually helping at this point?
While performing non-lethal and non-painful tests are practiced often, yield informative results, and are morally right, vivisecting is anything but. With vivisecting animals are routinely cut open, receive head injuries, suffocated, locked away, deprived of food, oxygen, and water, taken away from their mothers, electrocuted, and have other inhumane practices performed on them. Most of these studies aren't even relevant to medicine, but rather testing cosmetics, unnecessary repeated experiments, and attachi
Videogame Violence, Cyber Bullies, and SuicideThis journal will be covering topics a little different from some of my other Educational Journals, but the message is just as important. I hope that this journal helps you if you are going through bullying, depression, or suicidal thoughts. I'll say this now rather than wait till the end of the journal: If you are suffering from suicidal tendencies and/or depression, please talk to someone. If you feel like there is no one you can talk to and don't want to use the Suicide Prevention Hotline, feel free to message me. I'm always available to talk, and even though my own story with bullying and suicide may be different in some regards, I still know that feeling of being alone, and the dreadful places your mind goes to. Please, reach out to someone. You're loved, even if you feel like you are not.
Videogames are a popular pastime for many, and for people like me, a future career in the industry of making them. Videogames have gained in popularity, realism, and storytelling over the years,
Abortion, Raising Children, and SexWith human overpopulation being real and serious we need to ensure that couples are not creating more than two children, and to adopt if they want to raise more. But what is the best way to ensure extra children are not born, how to keep unwanted pregnancies from happening, and what about those who simply are not ready to be parents?
In today's society it seem like death is the ultimate answer for everything. A country make you mad, go to war. A non-human animal is acting up, shoot them. Your neighbor doesn't pick up his dog's feces from your yard, bash his head in with a shovel (this happened in the town where I lived not long ago...). And now if you have a pregnancy you don't want, killing the baby via abortion is being pressured onto women as the only solution. But what exactly is abortion and why should it be avoided? And what are the other options?
There are sever
Pet Health, Tips, and Helpful InformationIn this journal I'm going to give some tips on being a pet parent to cats and dogs, training tips, healthy diet tips, talk some on things to be wary about, and just helpful information. I have already discussed pet overpopulation, dog breeds, AKC, breeders, and some training, so check out that journal for more information if you haven't yet. If there something I haven't covered in this journal it's probably in that journal. And if you have more questions on pets, feel free to ask me.
Domesticated canines are omnivores and felines are carnivores. Due to the severe inbreeding of domesticated dogs, most have food allergies, sensitive bellies, and inability to digest their "natural" food. Domesticated canines need to eat food with plenty of plants in it to not only make it easier for them to digest, but also ensures they get all the nutrients
Let's Talk ReligionI am not forcing any religion or disclaiming a religion in this journal. This journal is simply to show how religion is not something to be hated or discriminated against, and for those who are not religious to learn a bit more about religions before denying them outright. Please, do not turn this into a "war on religion" or screaming about evolution being "superior." This is not what this journal is about.
Religions come in many different forms. From polytheism, monotheism, even atheism. Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, and Judaism are the more "popular" ones, but there are many others out there. Many religions have come and gone, such as the Ancient Egyptians religion with Ra, then the Ancient Greeks with Zeus, and even the vikings with Thor. Religions and lack of religion have always been around, they have clashed, and they have empowered people, saved people, or even destroyed people. But, would the world be better with no religion?
No, it wouldn't.
Small Pet Mills, Pests, and Wildlife TipsThis journal will be going over small animal mills, how to handle "pest" animals in your home, and how to help/care for wildlife in your area.
Small pet mills are the same as kitten and puppy mills only for small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, rats, mice, lizards, snakes, chinchillas, birds, parrots, etc. They are bred in small cages, receive little to no medical care, no love, and live in their own waste. Going insane, becoming very sick, and dying is common. Pet stores, such as PetSmart and Petco receive their small animals from these mills still, despite now only doing cat and dog rescue. These animals are shipped across the country from the mills to be sold in stores, many not making the trip. And when they are sold in the stores the employees do not do any checks on the person buying the animals. As someone who worked at PetSmart for 3 years I can person

Informative Artworks: Their Blood is on Your Hands by Ga-Maleven Starvation, Death, and Disease by Ga-Maleven We Are Not Yours to Use by Ga-Maleven

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Seeker Katie P.
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Drem yol lok. Greetings.

I am Hispanic, vegan, animal rights activist, asexual, follower of Jesus Christ, and I draw/write creepy, dark, violent, and bloody artwork/stories. I work mostly with anatomy and creature design, hoping to one day be a creature concept artist for the movie and gaming industries. I write stories about dragons and aliens and have already written about 6,000 pages worth of storyline, facts, bios, etc. for my stories. I have also designed 60+ dragons, 50+ mythological creatures, and 200+ aliens for my stories.
Dragons are my true passion, and my fanart usually is of dragons from videogames. I do fanart for The Elder Scrolls, Star Wars, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Halo, and an occasional piece from various videogames or movies.
I also do a little photography and write sad/dark poems and essays about my characters or life.
I work in traditional mediums, and am working on how to use a WACOM tablet, Gimp, and Photoshop.

Favorite quote: "Man eats meat thinking he will become as strong as the ox forgetting that the ox eats grass." ~ Pino Caruso
Animal Rights icon by Nightroaming No Meat by peterpez vegan icon by irradella Go Vegan Stamp by AkirasArtWorld vegan icon by irradella No Meat by peterpez Animal Rights icon by Nightroaming

:bulletblack:More about veganism:
:bulletred:More about animal cruelties and rights:
:bulletblack:A movie everyone should see:…
:bulletred:The best speech you will ever hear:…
:bulletblack:Peaceable Kingdom:…
:bulletred:Trapping and the fur trade:…
:bulletblack:Dairy farm cruelty:…
:bulletred:Why eating animal products is bad for your health:…
:bulletblack:Forks Over Knives:
:bulletred:Why breedism is stupid:
:bulletblack:Why You Should Spay and Neuter:…
:bulletred:More info on Pet Overpopulation:…
:bulletblack:Vegan bodybuilder:…
:bulletred:Pedigree Dogs Exposed:… Part 2:…
:bulletblack:Where Has Humanity Gone?:…
:bulletred:Jesus was vegetarian:…
:bulletblack:World Hunger Caused by Eating Animals:…
:bulletred:Breeding Pets Means Shelters Kill More Pets in the Gas Chamber:…
:bulletblack:Human Overpopulation is Real and Safe Sex is Best Way to Combat it:…
:bulletred:Passages from the Bible about NOT harming or eating animals:
:bulletblack:Where Pet Store Puppies Come From:…
:bulletred:Ear Cropping and Tail Docking is Cruel and Unnecessary:…
:bulletblack:Puppymill Rescue:…
:bulletred:The Truth Behind Shelters:…
:bulletblack:Going Vegan Will Save 8.1 Million Human Lives by 2050:…
:bulletred:Non-Human Animals are Sentient:…
:bulletblack:The Theology of Christian Veganism:…
:bulletred:All Animals Are Sentient:…
:bulletblack:What the Health:

Please go vegan, and feel free to ask me any more questions you have on veganism or animal cruelties and how you can stop it. Or, if you need help going vegan, I am here to help. :)



If I was male, this would be my theme song with my brother from another mother. Eh, practically a guy to him anyway. So I guess it's already our theme. :XD:

I was sent home early from work today. My crime? I mentioned ONCE that I was exhausted because of my college and I was instantly yelled at that I must "keep personal problems out of the work place." The fuck? And apparently mentioning this ONCE was me "doing nothing but complaining" and therefore warranted me being sent home an hour early.

I fucking hate this job... These managers are cunts... Not to mention I heard the two managers saying how adopted children always become mass shooters, and they were also talking about hitting children. You fucking cunts, you work with children! UGH! I HATE these people! And the one, bitch Maria, said that children who grow up "with problems" from being abused are "not strong enough."

Bitch, you fucking want to say that to my face again?
It's no surprise that the Florida school shooter was involved in cyberbullying online, and encouraged by trolls and cyberbullies. Cyberbullies and trolls MUST be stopped. They cause people to commit suicide, to harm themselves, and encourage hate crimes. Just because they are in their home being nasty doesn't mean they aren't influencing serious crimes to happen.

(I will add this link to my journal on cyberbullying if you guys ever need to find it later after this status update disappears)…
I am really sick of seeing everyone bitching about guns... It's not guns, dumbasses. It's terrible people who decide to use them to do terrible things. Even if you magically got rid of every single gun on Earth people will STILL be murdering en mass using knives, explosives, their cars, poison, etc. People have been killing each other forever using other tools that were not guns. Knives take more lives every year than guns have throughout history. Most serial killers killed their victims via strangulation and/or stabbing.

The tool a killer uses isn't the problem. The person who feels the need to kill is the problem. The lack of helping the mentally ill, of stopping parent abuse, of stopping bullying, and teaching children that it's okay to abuse/kill non-human animals. THAT'S the problem. So long as the abuse and killing of ANYONE is legal and taught is okay, there will be killing and abuse done to others. The ONLY way you're going to end, or come close to ending, mass murder, rape, abuse, etc. Is to stop ALL of it being done to ANY living being.

95% of those who harm non-human animals turn to humans. Stop the source of the problem. Banning guns isn't stopping the problem. That just makes the problem find something else to use.

The school shooter the other day tortured and killed non-human animals, which is done by serial killers and other murderers. If animals had their rights, he would have been locked up long ago.…
Well, I had a no fun experience. I was driving to campus, which is about 25-30 minutes in good traffic. I'm at a light to make a left, and this is a VERY busy road. Even late at night there's a lot of cars going by this street, turning, etc. Middle of neighborhoods, and the two connecting streets take you everywhere you need to go. Anyway, I'm sitting to make the left and I noticed the guy next to me to my right in the lane to go straight is looking at me, yelling at me, and obviously trying to hit on me. Like a gross creep. I ignore him.

Once the light turns green I and a lot of other people all start to turn. And that moron, instead of going straight, turns and stays right with me in this thick of traffic. He speeds up and gets in front of me, going off the road at one point to do so, and then slams the brakes in front of me. And the street was far too crowded for me to get into another lane and just pass the moron.

I am ready to just call the police if he keeps this up. But, after a little bit he turns onto another street, I race ahead, and it looked like he tried to follow me, but I lost sight of him in all the headlights and everything. It's pitch black.

As I get closer to campus I am eventually alone for a time on the road so I know I lost him, and soon found myself in the traffic crowd for school, so even if he did appear he wouldn't be able to find me again. And if I did see him I would have called the campus police.

Anyway, he is damn lucky Maggie wasn't in the car with me because if she had gotten hurt because he's a fucking, idiotic cunt... He would be begging for death before I'm anywhere near done with him.

Ugh... Idiots, guys.... Idiots...



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